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Hey There, Gorgeous Divas!

Welcome to diva's prerogative, the ultimate travel and lifestyle brand for the boss chics out there. We're all about that luxury lifestyle, so get ready to level up your game, honey. Our brand is designed for the confident, independent women who know exactly who they are and where they're headed. And, let's be real, you're not just any women-you're black women, and we're here to celebrate and empower you all the way!

So, whether you're jet-setting across the globe or just living your best life, we've got everything you need to stay fabulous and fierce.

Ready to join the movement? Let's go!

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At Divas Prerogative, customers can shop from four exciting categories: travel bags for fashionable and
functional storage, girls trip apparel for stylish group adventures, passport covers to personalize your travel
documents, and exclusive accessories items that add a touch of luxury.






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Welcome to Diva's Prerogative,

The ultimate destination for travel and lifestyle enthusiasts
who embody the essence of being a boss chic. Based in Fayetteville, GA, our online boutique caters to confident, independent women who possess an impeccable sense
of style and a passion for living the luxury lifestyle.

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